Faith is as diverse as they come, from painting murals, producing inspiring documentaries, acting in feature films, writing screenplays and books, to mentoring kids. From a young age Faith created artwork and watched films to escape reality and find a bit of peace from the madness that surrounded her. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and after college displayed her artwork in galleries around the country. An opportunity arose for her to work in the medium of film when she was cast for an entire season on the television series “Lost”. She then studied at the Academy of Film and Television and continued working as an actress and a producer. As a producer, artist, and actress it is Faith’s goal to create extraordinary work of the highest caliber that inspires, enlightens, and entertains others. Faith is always extending her hand as a philanthropist and spends time mentoring children for non-profit organizations. Several companies sponsor Faith as an artist, adventurer, and athlete, encouraging her to move forward in grand ways and enrich the world.